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7 Things You Should Do Before Launching Your Blog

Thinking of launching a blog for your business? The seven most important things to do before launching a blog for starting a blog .

Many individuals think that blogsphere is saturated and there is little or no room for newbies to grow. However, the reality is completely opposite because over the years the world of blogging has only expanded and there are lots of opportunities for everyone.

Of course, launching a blog may seem daunting due to heavy competition in almost every niche. But, don’t worry as long as you can create well researched and quality content in your field, your reader base is bound to increase.

However, there are some bits of advice that I am going to discuss here that will surely help you to launch your blog successfully.

7 Things to Do Before Launching a Blog

1. Research your niche

If you want to develop useful content, you need to do some research and understand what leading blogs in your niche are writing about.

Always be thorough with points such as, identify your top competitors, what type of content they create or created in the past, what innovation you can bring in your niche, what sub-niches are you comfortable with.

You can use tools like BuzzSumo to do such research based on specific keywords. Pick a topic that has the potential to drive traffic and think about how you can make it better.

2. Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is all about driving organic traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo. If implemented properly SEO can bring your blog to the top.

  • Search and use relevant keywords strategically throughout your posts
  • Learn about user intent – it means to know what the user is looking for when they enter a specific keyword in Google and write a topic about it.
  • Write long-form (deeply informative) content

3. Develop a content calendar

Blogging is a tough task and initially, you have to handle everything from creating content to promoting it. This can easily make you overwhelm and that’s one of the reasons why 70% of blogs fail.

So, before launching a blog take some time to develop a content calendar, this way you can filter your ideas and make sure that you write and upload the best ones.

In addition, blogging is all about consistency, it takes time to develop a good reader base for your blog and maybe you can get demotivated. But, that is when this calendar will help you to stay on track and consistent.

4. Keep your content prepared

Before launching a blog ensure that you have written enough articles to publish for several months.

This is because you’ll have enough things on your plate once you start your blog. Things might happen and you won’t have enough time to create quality content.

So, make sure to have some backup content to maintain your consistency.

5. Write a perfect About me page

People love to read about your story and purpose behind your project. Besides, ‘About me’ page is your best chance to create an amazing first impression.

Describing the personality behind your blog really helps your readers to connect with you better. Consider including your contact email and photo as well.

Take a peek at my about page for ideas.

6. Connect with fellow bloggers 

Connect with the bloggers in your niche who are already writing about similar kinds of stuff. This will help you to have insight into what type of content is trending currently and where you can promote your blog to receive maximum traffic.

Additionally, you can ask for their advice and feedback about your content. Plus, you must maintain good relationships in the blogging community to have guest posting opportunities in the future.

7. Develop a social media strategy

It takes six months to a year for SEO to develop and bring traffic to your site. But, social media has the potential to bring traffic from day one.

Therefore, spend enough time to learn about popular social media networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, and understand how you can promote your blog posts there.

Remember to choose only one platform to promote your blog in the beginning according to your target audience.

Finally, I hope that you got some great insight into what things you must focus on before launching your blog. Also, I would be excited to read about what strategies you inculcate to expand your audience, do mention in the comments below.

Have you started a blog for your business?

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