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Mindset and Nutrition for HER

Mindset and Nutrition for Her

nutrition & mindset coaching

Naieema Jackson, PhD, teaches busy, professional women how to lose weight, stay healthy, and enjoy carbs without slaving away at the gym.

branding & website (coming soon!)

River Eight and C0.

Branding photography

Kay Kawada owns the personal brand photography studio, helping creatives create a memorable brand through photography.

Emery Bodie

customized gifts + monograms

Ashley Slagel owns Emery Bodie, a boutique specializing in creating colorful personalized mementos with Southern flair.

Boss & Ambitious

Business Strategist

Taylor Mobley is a successful digital content creator who coaches moms how to launch successful businesses.

JWS Interiors

luxury interior design

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt has an eye for design and upscale interiors, and showcases the dreamy interiors she curates for her clients. 

Typically Jane

lifestyle blogger

Jane Clifford is the bubbly influencer at Typically Jane, a blog dedicated to sharing all about life in the Pacific Northwest.


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