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The Perfect Secret

med spa

Helping men + women look and feel their best from the inside out, through a holistic approach that emphasizes well-being and health.


natural skincare

An ethical, sustainable clean skincare brand who aims to revolutionize the skincare industry and promote environmental causes.

Emery Bodie

custom gifts + monograms

Ashley Slagel owns Emery Bodie, a boutique specializing in creating colorful personalized mementos with Southern flair.

Feel Pretty with Pri

inclusive content creator

Priyanka Patel is a content creator focusing on skincare and makeup for women with medium to golden skin tones.

Typically Jane

lifestyle blogger

Jane Clifford is the bubbly influencer at Typically Jane, a blog dedicated to sharing all about life in the Pacific Northwest.

River Eight and Co. branding

River Eight and C0.

Brand photography

Kay Kawada owns the personal brand photography studio, helping creatives create a memorable brand through photography.



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