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How I Use Dubsado CRM for My Service Based Business

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If you’re a service provider looking to streamline their process and provide a professional experience for your clients, this is for you.

I’ve been using Dubsado as my CRM for the past year, and I have seen my business flourish because of it. I can’t recommend it enough for service-based businesses. Having a streamlined, efficient and automated (or partly automated, how I like it) process is invaluable when it comes to your client’s experience and, in turn, your business.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management in other words a program that will allow you to communicate with your clients in an efficient way. There are many CRMs on the market but I decided to go with Dubsado for a few reasons.

Why would I need a CRM?

If you ever found yourself thinking that you need an assistant or a virtual assistant or an intern to help you run your business more efficiently, a CRM may be the solution you need. 

For less than paying an employee or intern, you can have a system that helps you delegate lots of administrative tasks, which allows you to run your business in the way that you have always wanted to.

What can I do with Dubsado?

Lead captures

On my contact page I have embedded a Dubsado lead capture form. Whenever someone fills in their information, the information is imported from my website form directly into Dubsado. This saves me time so that I do not have to enter in their information manually. 

This also allows me to use this information to create their proposals and their contracts if we decide to move forward.

Scheduling Calls

Before I had Dubsado, I was playing around with the Calendly scheduler. I didn’t like how I couldn’t remove their branding unless I paid for their services (which is completely understandable).

Instead of paying for yet another service I realized that Dubsado also took care of this. Having Dubsado also handling scheduling of calls means that all of that information is synced with the same contact, and there’s less work for me to do. WIN-WIN!

I love that when someone books a call with me, they are automatically given a Zoom link, saving me time. Remember, these are tasks that add up after a while and that you would either have to do yourself or hire a virtual assistant to do for you. Having one system automatically do all of this for you (in your sleep) is priceless.

Canned Emails

As a service provider, you probably write the same types of emails over and over again. You can have pre-written (aka known as “canned”) email templates saved in Dubsado ready to send at any time.

Dubsado also has a feature that allows you to have placeholders for terms such as client first name, project start date, etc. This lets you easily send emails to prospects and clients alike without having to manually update each template every. single. time.


This is my absolute favorite feature of Dubsado and where it truly has up-leveled my business. After you have mapped out your process, from the first interaction to handing over the deliverables, you can set up this process as a ‘workflow’ in Dubsado.

It is totally up to you whether this workflow is automated, or semi-automated. I like to allow myself some wiggle room for adjustments and to customize the experience for each client.

I often create steps (called ‘create todo’) where I have to manually check off a box before the workflow continues. One instance where I do this is if I want to customize certain things in a contract. 

Dubsado workflows will help you automatically input your prospects name and address and other invoice details into your contracts, for example. I don’t necessarily want this contract to go out to the prospect. So in that instance creating a to do step will allow me to stop the workflow, make adjustments as necessary, and then approve the workflow so it continues On To The Next Step.

In the screenshot above you can see one of my client process workflows. It has truly helped me make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that I don’t accidentally skip a step. This helps me provide a seamless and impressive client experience that leaves my clients trusting me more than when they initially started working with me.


Having my client invoices in one place, along with their proposals and their contracts, has been immensely helpful! No more logging into PayPal or Google Drive for these things.

I also recently integrated my Dubsado account with Quickbooks Online. Anytime a client makes a payment, my financials are also updated in Quickbooks. This has saved me SO MUCH TIME!

Not to mention it’s saved me money, since I would have needed to hire a VA to help me coordinate all of these things as I take care of my clients.

I will say that there are a few improvements I would like to see in this area. Syncing with Quickbooks doesn’t work if you create invoices in Quickbooks (versus Dubsado), so I hope they improve this in the near future.

Client Portal

Lastly, you can set up a client portal, which gathers your clients’ invoices, contracts and forms in one place. They simply log in and see all of their important documents and questionnaires in one place.

Clients are impressed at this “back end” of your office, and you can brand it with your brand colors, imagery, and even give it a professional subdomain to further elevate your business.

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